Succession & Estate Planning

Assure Your Future Legacy

A foundation for financial security
Preparing to pass on crucial leadership roles within your business? Planning to transfer your personal wealth to a loved one? Succession and estate planning is one of the most important and challenging milestones you can face. A well thought out plan provides a seamless transition, ensuring your succession goals are met while preserving the financial well-being of your beneficiaries.

Top four considerations for succession planning

Protect your wealth

Who will your beneficiaries be as your family expands and changes with time?

Maximize wealth distribution

Did you give financial assistance to any of your children? Will this determine if your estate is divided equally or not?


Have you planned ahead to secure your retirement and ensure your wishes are recognized?

Minimize taxes

Have you reviewed taxation consequences on your estate and how best to mitigate them?

Establish a comprehensive plan

There are four steps to creating and implementing a successful plan with a qualified professional.

1.  Initial discovery

  • Participate in a high level discussion of your goals and timelines
  • Examine your income needs during retirement and consider how best to protect your family

2.  In-depth discovery

  • Set up a comprehensive review of your current financial situation
  • Identify what is important to you and clearly define your hopes and priorities
  • Engage other investment specialists, accountants or lawyers to incorporate their services as part of a complete plan

3.  Report

  • Summarize your current situation and set your objectives
  • Prioritize your goals and implement a strategic plan based on clear recommendations
  • Implement a collaborative approach by including your other investment specialists, accountants or lawyers

4.  Regular reviews and updates

  • Make sure you are on track in attaining your goals and adjust for any life changes
  • Achieve other intentions identified in the initial discovery and reporting stages (e.g., tax planning, charitable giving, long-term care, business insurance, and employee benefits) once your highest priorities are executed

A succession and estate plan is a key step to ensuring your financial security. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or re-evaluating your plan, let us help you realize your succession goals with an in-depth wealth management program. Be prepared for your future and have comfort knowing your family and estate is well preserved.

Ready to get started?
To help us truly personalize our planning support, there’s some information we’ll need to collect from you. Here’s what you’ll need to bring along to your appointment:
  • Tax return
  • Investment statements
  • Financial statements
  • Pension statements
  • Insurance policies
  • Estate documents

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Estate planning to estate do-ing

Because you don't have 9 lives to figure it out.

Experienced estate lawyers will tell you that estate planning provides people with comfort, confidence and certainty. For some however, the mere mention of it causes anxiety.

Executor of an estate

Naming one, being one.

You’ve been asked to be the executor of someone’s estate, and you feel honoured. It’s understandable and appropriate to feel that way, as it shows trust and confidence in you to be asked to take on such an important role. Now, let’s think practical.

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