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Ways to Bank

& manage your money how you want. Effortlessly. 

Mobile App
Bank anywhere, anytime, on any device you choose. Digital banking has never been so simple yet powerful.

Manage your accounts, pay bills, deposit cheques in a snap, send transfers, set up alerts and more with the ease and simplicity of our mobile app. 

Simple, convenient, and secure online foreign exchange trading.

Weyburn FX allows our business members to mitigate currency risk, report and plan more accurately, and improve profitability on foreign transactions. Simple, convenient, and secure online trading.

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Contact Centre
Your call is always answered by a local person who is willing and able to help you with all of your everyday banking and more.

Online Banking
Because business never stops and neither should your banking.

Manage your business account better with these features like:

> Add and manage delegates
> Create transactions that require additional approval - or let delegates create transactions that require your approval
> See pending transactions that require approval, as well as cancelled or expired transactions
> Consolidate profiles if you have more than one digital banking login with Weyburn Credit Union

In-Branch & Via ATM
Not only do we look after your everyday banking needs, but we have local subject matter experts in everything financial. & we mean everything. We are a full-service advice and solutions centre.

Ways to Pay

Mobile Wallet

Pay on the go using on your mobile device.

Interac e-Transfer®

Send, request and receive money transfers directly from one Canadian bank account to another. View a quick start guide, or for more in depth information, visit our help centre

Debit Card

Tap to pay for purchases using your MemberCard wherever you see the Interac Flash logo.


Get a credit card that works as hard as you do

Whether you’re buying inventory, office supplies, or new equipment, our Mastercards ensure you earn valuable rewards with every dollar you spend.

Automated Payments

Automate your savings and payments by setting up pre-authorized debits from your account.

Online Bill Payments

Pay your bills whenever and wherever you want using our online banking or mobile app.

Payment Solutions
Weyburn Credit Union has partnered with Clover to deliver all-in-one payment solutions designed to help simplify how businesses operate. Clover Systems provide the functionality you need at a price you can afford.

From contactless point-of-sale devices and online payments to tracking inventory and engaging with loyal customers – and everything in between, Clover helps businesses thrive through every stage of business growth.

Customer Automated Funds Transfer (CAFT)
Simplify your Payment Processes

Customer Automated Funds Transfer or CAFT allows the scheduling of pre-authorized debits, direct deposits and credit transactions in both Canadian and US dollars. It allows safe, secure transactions between individuals, businesses and financial institutions. Ending the need for cheques and cash helps everyone save time and money.

Ways to get Paid

Direct Deposit

Automatically deposit pay and government cheques into your WCU account.

Mobile Deposit

Quickly and securely deposit cheques 24/7 using your smartphone or tablet.

CRA Direct Deposit

Get your CRA payments deposited directly into your WCU account.

Other Services

Send large sums of money in any currency quickly and securely to almost anywhere in the world.

Wire Transfers allow you to send or receive large amounts of money - quickly and securely. You can send a wire transfer in any currency - to almost anywhere in the world!

How to send a wire transfer

Stop by your local branch . Our team will be happy to help you with all your wire transfer needs.

Instructions to receive a wire transfer

You can provide the sender with our routing instructions, which contain all the details needed for their financial institution to send the wire.

Send large payments securely by post, thanks to our drafts and Manager’s Trust Cheques.

What is a draft?

The most widely accepted and secure cheque payment option, drafts are available in most currencies and are accepted here in Canada and abroad. You can rest assured that they can easily be traced if lost or stolen.

What is a Manager's Trust Cheque?

Issued by WCU, Manager’s Trust Cheques are a secure method of payment, because we guarantee the cheque is backed by sufficient funds.

How to get a draft or Manager’s Trust Cheque

To place your order, simply stop by your local branch or phone our Contact Centre at 306-842-6641.

You’ll then be able to pick up your order in-branch when ready.

A safe deposit box, also known as a safety deposit box, is an individually secured container held within our vault. Members typically store important documents or valuables they want to keep confidential and secure. Examples would include jewelry, legal documents, passports, collectibles, or even personal irreplaceable gifts and heirlooms.

Safe deposit boxes offer:
  • Secure storage at a competitive annual rental charge.
  • Senior and package accounts receive a discount on annual Safety Deposit Box rental.
  • Box sizes vary from branch to branch; you can choose a size that fits your budget and storage requirements.

Meet our Business and Ag Team

Grant Risling

Com/Ag Relationship Specialist
Weyburn Credit Union

Donna Rooney

Com/Ag Relationship Specialist
Weyburn Credit Union

Marla Forsberg

Com/Ag Relationship Specialist
Weyburn Credit Union

Charles Ries

Com/Ag Relationship Manager
Weyburn Credit Union

Tom Allan

Com/Ag Relationship Specialist
Weyburn Credit Union

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