Better defense, brighter money

Why set up alerts?
The real question is, why wouldn't you? Alerts ensure you know what is going on with your account. They help you avoid unnecessary fees, prevent fraud and stay on top of your financial situation. Alerts:
- help protect you and your money
- help you stay connected to your money
- make managing your money easier
- are easy to set up
- & are free

Security alerts: need-to-do to stay safe

These notifications alert you to any changes or events that may be related to the security of your account. We recommend turning on all of the security alerts, including:
You will be notified of every login to your account - including your own successful logins - but more importantly if someone other than you has logged in!  

  • Our $0.02: If you only set up one alert, make it this one! This is the bee's knees when it comes to alerts!
If a scammer gains unauthorized use to your digital banking, they may change your password. With this alert, you will be notified each time your password is changed.
You can be notified if there is a new fingerprint or facial recognition entry set up.
For your safety, your account is automatically locked after five unsuccessful password attempts. You can receive a text or email message if this happens. If it was you, don't worry! It happens to us all; simply click on the "Forgot username or password" link on the sign in page to reset your password. If it wasn't you, please call our Contact Centre so we can look into the activity for you and determine what caused the alert.

If you receive any of these security alerts and the reported activity was done by you, great news, your alerts are working properly! You can simply delete the notification and go about your banking. 

If you get a security alert, and the activity being reported wasn't done by you, your first step should always be calling our Contact Centre to let us know. We can take further steps, if necessary, to keep you and your money safe. We can lock your digital banking, monitor your activity, mitigate any fraudulent activity and begin making it right for you again. We have security experts on your side whose job it is to protect you and your money.  If you receive a security alert outside business hours and can't connect with us, we recommend changing your password from a device you don’t think is compromised (maybe another device you don’t normally use, or another family member’s device). Also, keep a close eye on your account for any unusual or fraudulent activity.

Account alerts: nice-to-do to stay on top of your money

Account alerts keep you informed of your account activities. They can help you keep track of spending, avoid overdraft charges, and more. Keep in mind: account alerts are unique to each account, different alerts can be set up on different accounts. Depending on the types of accounts you have, these alerts could include:
You may be waiting for a big deposit. Or you may want to be notified of larger withdrawals from your account. Whatever the case, you can be notified when deposits and/or withdrawals are made over an amount you choose. These alerts really help you stay connected with your money. 
Balance alerts keep you connected with your money.

Opt to be automatically notified of your available balance daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also choose to be alerted when your balance dips below a threshold such a $100 - or any amount you choose. Balance alerts are a great way to stay connected with your money.
Insufficient funds alerts help you better manage your money

You can choose to be notified if you don't have enough funds to cover an upcoming, scheduled transfer or bill payment. You can easily deal with the situation before it happens and avoid any overcharge or late charges. 
Failed Transactions help you avoid late fees

When you set up automatic, scheduled bill payments or transfers, you often set it and forget it. But what happens if the transaction fails? Will you notice? You can be alerted if any of your scheduled transfers or bill payments fail for any reason. 
Easy set up
  1. Log on to your app 
  2. Click on ...More in the bottom, right-hand corner
  3. Select Alert settings
  4. Choose Account or Security alerts
  5. Set up and customize any alerts you choose

Don't forget to set up alerts for your credit card too!
Visit our partner site to learn about credit card alerts and get them set up on your account.

It's easy-breezy and free!
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