Manage your money effortlessly. 

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Explore better and brighter solutions. Solutions designed for your life, unique needs and individual circumstances. Solutions that help you manage your money your way effortlessly. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

This is the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

Banking built on principles

We offer all the same solutions and services you expect from your financial institution, but we do it with your best interests in mind. At Weyburn, you’re part of something bigger – you share in the profits of our credit union, you have a say in how we operate and your financial well-being is our only focus.

Flexible service from anywhere

Whether you’re out and about, in another province or on your sofa, we have the technology and tools to help you handle your finances with ease.

Out of the box thinking

No two people are the same and we don’t expect you to be. Our approach is not cookie-cutter and our solutions are never one-size-fits-all. We look at each person and their full financial picture individually, thinking outside the box to find ways we can support you.

Neighbourly support

We’re always here and helping our community. Be it sponsoring a local event, volunteering for local causes, providing scholarships for local youth or donating through our community fund, our success is measured not by profit but by the impact we have on our community.

Open an account

Open an account from the comfort of our branch.

Or the comfort of your home.
Or whenever, whereever, on any device you choose.

Featured Spending Accounts

Managing money has never been so simple and powerful.
Personal Account
The pay-as-you-go account option for quick, convenient access to your money!

  • Monthly service fee: $2.00
  • $1.00 per debit
  • Deposits are free, of course!
We'll waive your monthly service fees if you maintain a minimum monthly balance of $3,000.  

30 Free Bundle
The perfect solution for those with a moderate, consistent number of transactions.

  • Monthly service fee: $10.00
  • Includes 30 free transactions
  • $1.00 per debit thereafter
With the 30 Free Bundle, you'll save up to 60% on your service fees. It’s like everyday banking just went on sale!
Unlimited Bundle
Save big on fees! Enjoy limitless free transactions.

  • Monthly service fee: $20.00
  • Limitless free transactions!
No matter how often you use your account, you'll never get surprised by service charges. 

Lifestart Bundle
A discounted, self-serve account bundle with perks! Only for those just starting out in life (aged 19-30).

  • Monthly service fee: $7.00
  • Limitless free transactions!
Plus, you earn interest and discounts on other services. 

Looking something else?
Wait, we have more. Explore our full lineup of business or personal accounts, including discounted youth and senior solutions. 
Hooray for Member Spark Rewards!
For the 2021 year, we returned almost $900,000 of our profits to our members - or anywhere between $160 to $2,280 per member!
Learn more
Youth Accounts are Free! 
Youth accounts are a great way to start kids off on the right foot and begin to teach them money management skills.  
Youth Accounts
Flexible service from anywhere
Whether you’re out and about, in another province or on your sofa, we have the technology and tools to help
you handle your finances with ease.
Learn more

Credit Cards are a great alternative payment method while you build good credit. 

Plus, you can access emergency cash whenever. 

Savings Accounts

A simple, straightforward way to save for everyday goals with easy access to your funds.

Fuel forward your financial well-being with an emergency fund
It's stressful enough when life throws you a curve ball - without the added money stress. Life happens! Prepare for it with an emergency fund - learn more about them on Enrich, our award-winning financial education platform. 

Did you know, you can open a savings account online? It's easy as pie.

Bank how you want, when you want – wherever you want

When you choose us, we are here when you need us with experts to help guide you on your way.

Out and about on your mobile device

From home on your computer

Over the phone with our friendly team

Via thousands of ATMs across Canada

Your deposits are fully guaranteed

From $1 to $1M or more!

We're ultra-local & here to help!

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