Top 10 Tips: to get the most out of your digital banking experience!

Top 10 Tips!

Get more out of your digital banking experience.

Tip #1: Customize your accounts

Nick name your accounts

You can nickname your accounts to readily see what each account is for - like your Vacation FUNd.

Hide accounts

You can hide accounts you don’t want to be tempted to use - like your emergency fund.

> Check out Getting Started for instructions

Tip #2: Set up Favorite Transactions

Set up favorite transactions

Set up favorite transactions to make it quick and easy to do those transactions.

It’s perfect if you’re constantly sending money to a broke University student.

Or set up a transfer to your savings account every pay day. The options are endless.

> Click here to watch a demo video.

Tip #3: Change your password yourself

Finally! If you’ve forgotten your password, you can update it yourself from the log in screen.

For security, it’s good practice to change your passwords regularly.

Note: too many unsuccessful password attempts will lock you out. Please call us to unlock your account.

> Click here to watch a demo video.

Tip #4: Make a deposit on your smart phone

Deposit a cheque in a snap.

Quickly and securely deposit cheques 24/7 using your smartphone or tablet.

It’s as easy as taking a selfie.

> Click here to watch a demo video.

Tip #5: Sign up for eStatements

Sign up for eStatements

We want to do our part for the planet by encouraging members to switch to e-Statements.

They offer all the same transaction and history details as printed statements—but you access them securely through online banking.

E-statements are also secure. By opting out of a paper statement, you no longer need to worry about fraudsters intercepting your mail or stealing your identity.

> Check out Getting Started for instructions

Tip #6: Set up Alerts

Add alerts: for convenience & security

Security alerts will alert you when things happen in your account that may indicate fraud, like if your password is changed or your account is locked out.

You can set up account alerts to let you know if certain transactions happen or not - or account conditions are met.

Like a low balance alert. It can let you know when to move money from your savings into your chequing account - or maybe just tighten spending until the next pay day.

> Click here to watch a demo video.

Tip #7: Set your background photo

Customize with photos

It’s easy to add a profile picture or background image to customize your experience in our digital banking app.

> Check out Getting Started for instructions

Tip #8: Moving? 

Change your address

Easily update your address, phone number or email right in digital banking.

> Check out Getting Started for instructions

Tip #9: Set up e-Transfer autodeposit

Autodeposit helps protect you against email fraud

Once you enable Autodeposit and define which account will receive your transfers, they will be automatically deposited in your chosen account without any additional steps. Not only does that mean fewer steps to complete your transfer, it also means less time worrying about email fraud.

That’s because fraudsters try to exploit weaknesses in email security to attempt phishing scams and other cyber attacks that involve accessing your email account. If you use Autodeposit to bypass the email step of a transfer, fraudsters who gain access to your email account can’t intercept the message. Check out this Interac article for more benefits.

Tip #10: Set up fingerprint and/or facial recognition to log in

Bank with confidence.

You can sign into your digital banking app using your fingerprint or facial recognition.

Biometrics are proving to be better than passwords because they’re easier to use and provide greater privacy and security.

It’s safe, secure and so convenient.

> Check out Getting Started for instructions

Bonus Tip: Watch for new features coming soon

Here’s your sneek peak!

Right now, we working on an account opening solution!

You’ll be able to open additional accounts right from your app or online banking!

If you need help getting started, our help section is the place to be!

Tuesday | August 16, 02:46 PM
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