Getting an e-Transfer Error?

If you're getting an e-Transfer Error, there's a simple fix! 

First, it's not you! It's just a little annoying bug to squash.

  If you're getting this error...

  Try this...

Instead of clicking on the WCU icon, you will need to click on “Select a different financial institution” and find us that way. The problem is that, since the update, the icon is pointing to a shortcut that no longer exists.  The good news is that this will create a new WCU icon the next time you accept an e-transfer, so no need to do it each time, only the first time!

If you're still having trouble after trying this fix, please give us a call at (306) 842-6641 and we'll be happy to help.

Monday | August 8, 11:18 AM
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