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Weyburn Credit Union (WCU) is a member owned and democratically run financial institution with over 8,800 members and $700 million in assets under our administration.  We have over 85 staff members and operate in the communities of Weyburn, Lang and Yellow Grass. 

Please take a look through our careers page and see why WCU is a great place to grow your career! Or view our Current Opportunities!


Why Choose Us

It's about more than a job and a pay check.  We believe our success depends on attracting and retaining great people, that's why we offer a competitive total compensation package; but as an employer of choice, it doesn't end there.  We work hard to provide our team members with a positive work environment, opportunities for advancement and the right work-life balance.  

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Above Industry Wages

Our salary ranges are set according to current market data and we review the figures annually so our employees can feel confident they’re being compensated fairly.

Variable Compensation and Performance Based Incentives

In addition to our competitive annual salaries, our variable compensation component is a performance based incentive program that rewards all employees (who have passed probation) for accomplishing individual performance goals and for their efforts in helping the WCU achieve our objectives.

Group Benefit Package

We contribute 50% of the cost shared premiums for employee benefits which include Basic Life Insurance, Dependent Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Extended Health and Dental.

7% matched pension plan

We help our permanent employees achieve their retirement goals through matched contributions to a retirement program.

Preferred rates

We offer our permanent employees preferred rates on residential mortgages, consumer loans and investments.

Discounted employee banking fees

We provide banking services at reduced rates for employees, including an array of accounts and financial options, free automated transactions, global payment cards, credit cards with no annual fee, and preferred rates on foreign currency.

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Flexible Work Hours

We understand that the standard work week doesn’t fit into everyone’s life.  We’re committed to helping our employees find a work/life balance and do this by offering greater choices and flexibility in the way they schedule their time.  Our flexible work options can include flex time, job sharing or part-time employment depending on organizational needs.

Above average vacation leave 

New employees start accruing paid vacation on their first day.  They will receive a minimum of three weeks vacation and as their length of service increases, they have the ability to earn a maximum of six weeks per year.

Personal Days

To assist employees in maintaining their work/life balance we offer six personal days per year for employees to use at their discretion.

Paid Sick Leave

We provide paid sick leave to regular full-time and part-time staff members to provide them with protection against loss of income if they are ill or injured.

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Our continuous staff development ensures that our employees have access to education, training and career planning tools that will allow them to have success in their current role and have the opportunity to take the next step in their career.

Each employee has a five year training program to meet their position requirements.  We want each person to be successful in their career and do everything in our power to set them up for success.  WCU also ensures that employees receive one on one coaching with their supervisor and have every opportunity to advance their skill set. 

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Our Culture

Our employees are what differentiate us from other financial institutions; they are what make the WCU special.  You spend a large portion of your waking hours at work, so it’s pretty important that you like the people you work with!  We believe in celebrating our successes as a team and recognizing each other for going above and beyond.  We also have years of service awards, employees of the year and day to day recognition opportunities. 

Our ability to do our job and support our members depends on the passion and competencies of our team.  If you think you’d fit in with a fun and rewarding work environment, please take a look at our current opportunities today.  Who knows, we might be exactly what you have been looking for!

Making a Difference in our Community

Part of WCU’s mission is to make a positive impact in our community; we do this by supporting community building events and causes.  We believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate as it enhances lives and enriches our communities. 

Our team members are encouraged to give back to the community and are continuously volunteering, fundraising and attending different charity events.  WCU gives each employee an allotted amount of money to donate to a charity of their choice throughout the year.  We also have a Community Involvement Committee who is responsible for coordinating the different initiatives throughout the year.

Wellness Subsidy

We offer our staff $100.00 each year to go towards something that will benefit their physical wellbeing.  This could be a gym membership, exercise equipment or vitamin program!

We are Certified as a Living Wage Employer Expand/Collapse

A living wage is not the same as the minimum wage, which is the legal minimum all employers must pay. The living wage sets a higher test - a living wage reflects what earners in a family need to bring home based on the actual costs of living in a specific community. Necessities like food, shelter, child care, and transportation are all included, while extras like vacation spending are left out. This approach generates a wage which allows for a family to live a healthy and secure life. As a Living Wage Employer, Weyburn Credit Union pledges to always pay at or above the Living Wage which will be calculated on an annual basis going forward. Weyburn’s living wage was calculated at $15.59 per hour. Learn More


What our Employees are Saying

It's easy for us to tell you what life is like at Weyburn Credit Union and why you would love being a part of our team, but we thought it would be better to let some our people tell you for themselves.

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“As a CA, CPA I could ‘do the books’ for any type of corporation.  I was drawn to work at the Weyburn Credit Union because I feel I am doing more than just the ‘books’ – I am part of something bigger.  Weyburn Credit Union is an organization that wants to do better by the communities it operates in and the people who live in those communities.  Whether sponsoring the stage at the Cugnet Center, ensuring our school playgrounds have new equipment for kids to play on, or our staff dedicating their time to community events like Communithon, The Hospital Foundation, or the Adopt-a-Family program, I feel that working here allows me to play a role in something that is bigger than just me and a paycheque – that doing what I do each day contributes back to the people of Weyburn and surrounding areas – that my job in some way makes a difference.  That is something you can’t get from working just anywhere and why I am grateful to be employed at Weyburn Credit Union.”









Ryan, Consumer Lending Specialist Expand/Collapse


“I wanted to be part of an organization that saw my potential, and wanted to help me grow and succeed, that was a strong supporter of the community and that cared more about the customer than the bottom line.  Weyburn Credit Union is all those things and more.”

Marliss, Senior Manager of Member Experience Expand/Collapse


“WCU is a great place to work because we are all treated like a valuable piece to the organization’s success, regardless of what your position is.  I view my department more like my ‘family’ than my coworkers and enjoy coming to work every day because I get to have fun and work with great people.  WCU is committed to our individual success and help us advance in our careers.  We are offered endless training opportunities and professional development in order to meet our career goals.”