Grumpy & You Know It? Switch Your Bank!

It's easy with our WeSwitch Program! We'll do all the work!

Switching banks is as easy as:
1 - Complete this form and return by email
2 - Gather your bills
3 - Let us take care of the rest
We promise it will be worth it!

We'll coordinate the transfer of your pre-authorized payments and direct deposits. Depending on the billing companies, it will take about four to six weeks.

Once all payments have been transferred, we will send a request to close your old bank account and to transfer the balance to your new Credit Union account.

We will follow up to let you know when everything we promised is completed.

We understand it takes a bit of effort to switch bank accounts so we really appreciate it.

Why Weyburn Credit Union?

It is true that as a full service financial institution, we are like banks in many ways but we are very different too. Credit Unions are run on principles - using our profits for your good - not our pockets.

Plus, by joining now, you can earn up to $300! Click here for details!

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