Solutions for Student Members

Start building your financial future.

When it comes to students, we offer the total package!  We have all the solutions and advice you need to manage your financial lifewhile you’re away at school! Plus, we offer discounted rates and fees to help you make the most of your money!

Student and Youth Accounts

Who doesn’t like freebies? Our student account has no monthly maintenance fee! That’s not all; you’ll also get these other great freebies:

  • 35 free debit items
  • 4 free e-Transfers
  • 2 free Interac ATM withdrawals

You only pay service charges if you use more than the free items. It’s just our little way of helping you out with your education.

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Making the most of your money with a youth Savings Account

When you’re just starting out in life, it’s hard to save money, so we want to give your savings a boost! Our youth savings accounts offer a premium interest rate. For the average person, one of the greatest factors in achieving financial success is starting early - nothing can beat the effect time has on your money. It’s your money, your life; we want to give you the benefit of our experience and expertise to make the most of it!

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Giving credit where credit is due with our Student Line.

The Student Line provides you with extra cash flow while you’re away at school - letting you focus on what’s important - not about how you will pay for tuition or living expenses.

The way a Student Line works is that we will approve you for a pre-determined amount of credit - up to $60,000 - that you can access anytime. You only pay interest on the amount you use, as you use it - helping reduce your interest costs. Plus, you don’t have to begin repaying the principal until a year after you graduate. With the high cost of education, it’s our way of helping you keep your monthly expenses as low as possible.

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Bank whenever, wherever, however you want.

Need to receive an e-Transfer from the bank of mom and dad? Access a Ding-Free ATM on campus? Deposit a cheque with a snap of your phone? Or pay your bills on a mobile app? No worries, we have you covered!

We offer a variety of ways to let you to manage your money whenever, wherever, however you want.

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Helping students build a strong financial future - with a Student Mastercard

Whether you're looking to build credit or simply need a card for convenience and security, the Student Mastercard is the smart choice. There's no annual fee and most purchases are protected with an extended warranty. Using, building, and understanding credit couldn't be simpler.

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