Mortgage Sale!

All-time low interest rates? Check!

We are currently offering 2.47%* for a four year term!  Or if you're looking to go shorter term, how does 2.34%* over two years sound?  Or lock your rate in for 5 years for 2.59%* - and lock your worries away!

Budget? Check!

Or if you haven't had a chance to look into what you can afford, we'd love to help!  We'll even preapprove you for a mortgage - and guarantee your rate for 30 days - so when your home pops up on the market, you'll be ready to put in an offer!

Low purchase prices? Check!

There's no doubt, right now, it's a buyer's market!  With these all-time low interest rates and falling house prices, it's like houses and mortgages went on sale - now is a great time to look at homeownership!

Great advice with innovative and flexible mortgage solutions centered around you? Check! Check! Check!

There’s never been a better time than now to look at home ownership!  Visit one of our local mortgage experts to see if home ownership is right for you!

Got Questions? We'd love to help:

  • Call us at 306 842 6641,
  • Send us an email, or
  • Visit us at one of our convenient branch locations!

Rates are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice at any time.

APR assumes no fees apply. You may be required to pay additional fees which would increase your APR.


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