Save some rent; adopt a home!

Home Ownership Creates Wealth

Home ownership is actually one of the best ways to create wealth! A mortgage is really just a forced savings plan; with every mortgage payment you make you are building equity in your home - effortlessly. Plus, any appreciation in the value of your home is yours! And wouldn’t you rather build your own wealth than your landlord’s?

Buying Is Cheaper than Renting - No Really!

Maybe not right off the hop. It may be cheaper to rent in the short term but as the interest portion of your mortgage payment decreases over time, eventually the interest that you pay will be lower than your rent.

Not to Mention...

There are so many other benefits to homeownership:
  • Pride: There is something to be said about waking up in a warm bed, with a roof over your head, and realizing, "This is really all mine. My hard work is paying off!"
  • Control:  When you rent, you have no control over rent increases, when (or if) the leaky faucet is repaired, whether you can adopt a pet, even what colour you paint your walls! When you buy your own home, you are the boss!
  • Happiness: No, four walls and a roof with a lawn to mow, won’t necessarily make you happy; but a morning coffee on your very own deck, or a soak in your jacuzzi tub just might!
  • Freedom: It might be hard to imagine right now, when you’re only just considering applying for a mortgage, but one day you are going to be mortgage free.

When you're ready to make a house your home, we're here to help! It's your money, your life. We want to give you the benefit of our experience and expertise to make the most of it. We can help you understand the financial implications of your decisions, give you the advice you need to achieve your goals and build financial solutions centered around you.

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