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Earn 5% on a 5 Year RESP!

Enter to win a $250 investment of your choice AND a $250 giftcard to Chapters Indigo three ways:

  1. Join us on November 18th at the Weyburn Public Library for a LEGO building contest! Create a masterpiece on your own or with friends for a chance at a prize and to be entered in to win our grand prize.
  2. We will be hosting a LEGO-Drive for the Weyburn Public Library! Bring your no-longer-used LEGO down to the Weyburn branch for an entry into our grand prize.
  3. Purchase an RESP before December 15th and automatically be entered!

Saving for your child’s future with our RESP Special is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5! Pick your term and we will match the interest rate for the entire term of the RESP:

  • 1 Year Term - 1%*
  • 2 Year Term - 2%*
  • 3 Year Term - 3%*
  • 4 Year Term - 4%*, or
  • 5 Year Term - 5%*

Yeah, thats right: 5% each and every year for 5 whole years! Guaranteed 100%

When it comes to investing, there isn't a "one size fits all" option. That's why we have a dynamic Wealth Management team, here to meet your needs with diverse specialties, products, advice and solutions. Talk with one of our investment professionals to see if an RESP is the best option to achieve your financial goals!