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Ryan Bader

Member Relationship Specialist

Weyburn Credit Union
T 306 842 9548

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Ryan grew up in Williams Lake, British Columbia enjoying participating in Scouting and Softball. In 1999 his family relocated to Regina, Saskatchewan. While living in Regina Ryan tried his hand as a Kitchen Manager for Kelsey’s, working in a call center as a Resolution Specialist for a large US Carrier and finally working as a Department Sales Manager for Future Shop.

During his time in Regina he met and befriended a few people from the Weyburn area including his wife. In the summer of 2010 they made the choice to relocate to Weyburn to be closer to family. It was in May of 2011 that Ryan started his employment with the Weyburn Credit Union putting his past work experience and love for small business to good use as the Commercial Deposit Support Rep for nearly 5 years.

Early in 2016 Ryan moved to the Consumer Lending Department and has been helping his members with all their lending needs.

A quote about Ryan's Role

"My role is to help you manage your borrowing and help make those big purchases in life.

As a Consumer Lending Specialist a huge part of my job is helping you manage your borrowing. My mentor and coach was fond of saying “You can’t win the game if you don’t know the score” which I find to be very true in life, and particularly while navigating your borrowing. I strive to be an advisor first, lending specialist second.

I want to work together to have a good picture of your debt load so that we can plan a path to being debt free or making that next big purchase in life. Whether it’s a strategy to tackle your existing debt or buying that new car you’ve always wanted but thought you couldn’t afford, I’m here to work with you to find solutions that work for you."

- Ryan Bader


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