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We’ve always used our profits for your good. In fact, it’s a key difference between a bank and credit union. Now your good happens to be cold, hard cash! Member Spark Rewards are back, better and brighter than ever!

As a member – you are an owner

When we profit, you profit. Literally. We are owned by the people who bank with us. As an owner, you share in our profits – now in cash that you can access anytime. So next time you walk in – walk in like you own the place – because you do!
Win even more Rewards

How does it work?

Our financial wellness is reflected by our members' financial wellness. When you become financially fit, through saving, investing, and building credit, we become more profitable, too. When we profit, we share those profits with our members. Member Spark Rewards encourage you to do more to become financially fit – and when you do, your Member Rewards increase.


The Framework

The framework for our Member Spark Rewards is simple and the rewards meaningful.
Find out more

Find out more!

Find out who and what are eligible for payments and bonuses.


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The Member Spark Rewards Program and reward amounts are subject to change at any time and may be made without any notice. There is no guarantee on how funds will be distributed or on amounts to be paid. The Member Rewards Program may be suspended or discontinued at any time.

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