Index Linked GIC

Have your Cake and Eat it Too! A GIC with the Potential for Market-like Returns!

Index/Equity-Linked Term Deposits blend a guaranteed investment product with the capacity to generate market-like returns. Index Linked GICs provide the potential to participate in some equity or market exposure with the comfort of knowing there is no risk to your principal. Have the best of both worlds!

Weyburn Credit Union offers the following three Index/Equity Linked products:

  • NORTH AMERICAN BASKET™ Equity-Linked Term Deposit, which allows investors to profit from the success of 10 North American companies;
  • MARKETFLEX® Index-Linked Term Deposit, where the return on investment is linked to the Canadian Stock Market; and
  • PRAIRIES BASKET™ Equity-Linked Term Deposit, which allows investors to profit from the success of companies in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Is it Right for You? This equity-linked term deposit may be a suitable investment if you:

  • Want the potential to earn a higher rate of return than traditional term deposits.
  • Want to guarantee the safety of your original investment.
  • Will not require regular income from this investment.
  • Are willing to accept variable, rather than guaranteed rate of return.
  • Are willing to accept that there may be no return on the investment.

These Index-Linked investments are non-redeemable and are set up for a deposit term of three years or five years, depending on the product offering and are available as non-registered holdings, RRSPs, RRIFs and now TFSAs. For advice and investment solutions built around you, visit the local experts at Weyburn Credit Union.

Index-Linked Term Deposits


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