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Susan Lawrence

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We are pleased to offer the services of Susan Lawrence, our Estate and Trust Services Advisor, in fact, we are proud to be one of the very few financial institutions to offer this service!  We offer this service because we truly believe in the importance of proper estate planning, because as a financial services provider, we have seen the effect of lack of planning too many times, and that lack of planning can cost families thousands of dollars.  You have worked hard for your money; with a few simple steps you can protect your legacy!

Now let’s introduce you to Susan!  In December 2013, Susan joined the Weyburn Credit Union after 15 years in the insurance industry. Susan’s current role allows her to guide members through the complexities of estate and investment planning as well as the eventuality of settling estates.  Because each member is unique and their situations vary in complexity, it’s a role she finds interesting and challenging; and because she is able to help members through some of the most difficult times they will ever have to experience, it’s a role she finds rewarding as well.

The field of estates and trusts involves many intricacies and complexities.  Susan has taken numerous educational courses and classes and is currently in the process of achieving the MTI® Estate and Trust Professional Designation through the Canadian Securities Institute.  Attaining this designation signifies that she can build estate and trust strategies to help you protect, invest and effectively distribute assets.

Working with Susan, she will walk you through an Estate Planning Process to help you develop strategies to:
• Protect and support beneficiaries
• Control estate costs
• Understand and possibly reduce taxes, and
• Distribute assets

What will you receive?
• An estate planning guide personalized to your situation
• Assistance with decisions before your Will is prepared
• Peace of mind

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We understand that no one looks forward to planning their estate. We also know how important it is to you and your family that it's done right. Come in and visit our Estate & Trust Services Advisor who can create a customized plan for you and your family.

Susan Lawrence Quote
"The best advice I have for members is just to begin, don't put it off, start with something as simple as a conversation with a professional that can help you begin the estate planning journey. Most people don't enjoy discussing estate matters, nor are they completely sure of what needs to be done, so it's easy to put off. Even taking just one step is a step in the right direction. That one step will start you on the right path to ensure what you have worked for your entire life is protected and your wishes are carried out. For most members, that first step is developing a current and valid will. In taking that step, most people realize that Estate Planning isn't particularly difficult or uncomfortable, but gives them the peace of mind that their family and estate will be looked after. If you are not sure of where to start or how to approach Estate Planning, come on in, let's have a conversation; it's that simple. " Susan Lawrence

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