Celebrate Co-op Week!

Join the ♥ Local Movement & Win! October 11-17

Normally, we’d be inviting you to celebrate with us but this year is a little different.  This year, we’re challenging you to love local.  If you received a decal from us in the mail, please post it in your car or home in support of all things local, including us! Throughout CO-OP week, we’re going to look for cars and homes that are sporting the ♥ Local decal. When we find one, we’re going to leave a gift from our cooperative partners.  It’s just our little way of saying thanks for supporting local.

You can also win by posting about a shop local experience any time up until midnight, October 17:
  1. Snap a photo of a shop local experience with one of Weyburn’s amazing local businesses - a delicious meal, a DIY project, a handmade gift, or your favorite entrepreneur or store.
  2. Post your photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with a shout out to the business and the hashtag #lovelocalweyburn.  
  3. As easy as that, you are entered to win a gift from us.
  4. More importantly, feel good about elevating a local business and our community when it’s needed the most.
Co-ops and credit unions are fundamentally different from other business enterprises. We are owned by the people who do business with us.  We are managed to benefit our members, not maximize profit.  When we do profit, we use those profits for our members’ and community’s good. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Choices matter; where you shop matters. Expand/Collapse

Everyone around the world has felt the impacts of the pandemic; small businesses have been hit particularly hard.  Now more than ever is the time to stand up and support them.  Small businesses are an important and vital part of our economy and community. Choices matter; where you shop matters. Shopping local can help kick-start economic recovery and help our community flourish and thrive. It’s a little thing everyone can do that has big impact!


Buying local keeps 4X the money in the economy compared to big corporations. Supporting local business is essential to keeping our community growing and thriving.


Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally. Local businesses hire locally, creating jobs and circulating wages.


Local businesses give 5X more per dollar of revenue to groups in their communities.


A small business owner is going to go the extra mile to make you happy. Local businesses are owned by your neighbors and friends, they care about you and are invested in the well-being of your community and its future.


Local businesses are more likely to stock local products and buy local services causing a ripple effect.

Little things you can do with BIG IMPACT! Expand/Collapse

Here are a few ideas on how you can have a big impact in your community. If you’re tightening your finances due to the pandemic, good for you! There are a lot of great ways to support local that don’t cost a thing.

  • Help spread the word: engage with your favorite small business on social media. Like, comment and share their posts!
  • Buy gift cards (especially for those businesses who haven’t fully reopened.)  
  • Share your local experiences on social media.
  • Leave a glowing review. Not only will it help bring in new customers, it will put a smile on the face of a business owner who may not have much to smile about right now.
  • Order takeout or delivery; running at half capacity is tough and you can help top them up.
  • Make a donation to a community organization. Time and money are equally valuable!
  • As Tourism Weyburn says: “Be a tourist in your own hometown.” Check out their website and social feeds; they have a ton of great information on what to do in Weyburn.
  • Refer friends and family.
  • Use delivery,  pickup or other pandemic friendly options.
  • Enjoy a staycation.
  • Enlist the help of a local caterer.
  • Write a thank you note.
  • Respect pandemic precautions. Be patient and kind; we’re all adjusting.
  • Tag a friend in local offers that may interest them.
  • Suss out local artisans; you will be delighted with what you find!
  • Source locally or support businesses that do.
  • Rave about service! Shout-outs are free; give them generously.
  • Support businesses that support you.
  • When making a choice; ask yourself “Where will it lead?”
  • Let everyone know you support local by posting the ♥ Local  decal in your car or house.

WCU's Loyal to Local Challenge Expand/Collapse

Weyburn Credit Union is challenging their Board and staff to start off  the Love Local initiative through the Loyal to Local challenge.  Staff are being given $25 towards a local experience of their choice, then they are simply asked to share their experience.  It's our little way of supporting our business community and local economy - more importantly, it our little way of starting conversations about why we love local and why being loyal to local is so important.

It takes more than sharing a postal code to be a part of a community.


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