Let's Celebrate Canada 150!

We Accept the Challenge!

To recognize and celebrate Canada 150, many events and initiatives are being planned across the country, creating opportunities for Canadians to participate in local, regional and national celebrations. One of the major initiatives of Canada 150 is a volunteer challenge which is getting major support from cities/mayors, universities, major charities, and the federal government. In support of this initiative, Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) has issued its own volunteer challenge to credit unions across Canada: 150,000 volunteer hours invested in local communities across the country by year-end; we said: "You're on!"  We took CCUA up on their challenge and have committed to 1,500 volunteer hours – but really we hope to blow that out of the water!  

Some Volunteer; We Sparkleteer! A New Challenge!

Anyone can volunteer but when WCU staff are out and about, we sparkleteer! #wcuspark

We inivted our staff to participate in a "Helping Hands Challenge" - a challenge to get out in to the community and make a difference by sparkleteering at a local community organization! We divided all staff up into teams and asked them to make an impact in our community, not with money, but with their hands.  Friend us on Facebook to see updates from our Sparkleteer Teams; be sure to vote for your favorite team by liking their photos before June 30 because one of the teams will be crowned as the Sparkleteer Champions.  These Champions will receive a sur"prize" from us - not to mention bragging rights! 

If your organization needs a hand, send us an email; maybe we can help!

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