Congratulations Weyburn Wildlife Federation!

Weyburn Wildlife Federation works to ensure the wildlife legacy we leave to our children surpasses that which we inherited. This local organization has been in service since 1950. They first began their existence in an attempt to help and preserve our areas of habitat for all species of fish and wildlife - for people to enjoy now and for years to come. The Weyburn Wildlife Federation recently acquired a new club house and now have room to expand and grow. They are looking at hosting an annual spring and fall fish fry’s and/or BBQ's to raise funds for a multi-purpose building they would like to build on their property. The only problem is: they don’t have the equipment.

We are going to rectify this. We have approved a grant of $7,000 to allow the purchase of a BBQ/Fryer for their new club house. We are excited that the Weyburn Wildlife Federation can use the equipment to provide a revenue stream for themselves.

Weyburn Wildlife


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