Congratulations Weyburn Co-operative Playschool!

Weyburn Cooperative Playschool is one of, if not the only non-profit playschool in the community that offers play based programs which also teach Kindergarten readiness skills to children. Weyburn Cooperative Playschool is organized and operated by the parents cooperatively. It is run by a board of directors made up of parent volunteers –like Jennie and Lindsay here. Their Playschool provides a nurturing, positive atmosphere where children feel comfortable learning the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for a positive future in education. They feel it is important to offer a Playschool program that is rich in activities, crafts, and socialization. Their program aims to inspire the children's creativity while at the same time building positive attitude and self-esteem. They create an environment in which all aspects of the children's physical, cognitive, and social development are addressed. The classroom is a place where every child feels safe, nurtured, and confident.

To mark the upcoming 40th anniversary of the playschool operating in Weyburn, the playschool board is planning to make improvements to the playschool classroom, children's coat room, teacher's office, and storage room. After 40 years of operation, and excellent operation we might add, we feel some upgrades are warranted. We have approved a grant of $7,000 to the Weyburn Co-operative Playschool to help with their upgrades.

Weyburn Co-operative Playschool


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