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Weyburn Credit Union is committed to building better, brighter and stronger communities! One of the ways we help build a stronger community, and one of the key differences between a bank and a credit union, is that we use our profits for your good - not our pockets.   In fact, typically 1% of the Credit Union’s profits are allocated to the WCU Community Fund each year.  Community groups and organizations can apply for funding for projects and initiatives that have a long-lasting, far-reaching positive impact within the local community.  Over the past 10 years, the community fund has awarded over $300,000 in grants to local community organizations! This year, we are proud to announce an allocation of $62,674 into the Community Fund.

Key Dates

March 1:    Applications Open
April 30:    Applications Close
June 15:    All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications
June 21:    Public Announcement of Grant Recipients.  We ask that you have a representative from your organization attend the event. 

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  • Non-profit organizations, associations, societies, charities, cooperatives and social enterprises with missions and values consistent with ours here at Weyburn Credit Union can apply.
  • Organizations are eligible to apply for funds to support initiatives that will provide direct benefit to the communities served by WCU.
  • To be considered, projects must have a far-reaching, positive impact on the community and intend to be self-sustainable.
  • Requests of $2,500.00 and more, depending on the scope and scale of the project and the anticipated impact on the community and surrounding areas will be assessed by an evaluation committee comprised of WCU staff, management and directors.

Focus Areas

The focus of Weyburn Credit Union’s Community Fund will be on sponsorship opportunities that align with the Credit Union’s goals, priorities, and core values by contributing to community in a meaningful way.  In particular, the committee will give preference to applications that will have a positive impact on:
  • The well-being of Youth and/or Family (with a preference towards financial literacy)
  • Economic and Community Development
  • The Co-operative Principle of Concern for our Community
  • Our Environment

Ineligible Causes

Initiatives generally not  supported through the Community Fund are as follows:
  • Partisan political or religious organizations and affiliated activities
  • Groups that are not a registered charity or recognized as community not-for-profit
  • Groups that represent a conflict of interest for WCU or that promote specific programs or issues where members of the Credit Union and clients of its subsidiaries may have significantly divergent views
  • Requests from organizations that do not provide a direct benefit to the identified communities served by WCU
  • Individual pursuits or interests that are primarily for personal gain
  • Requests for funds to support operational costs or debt servicing (operational costs refer to fixed costs including but not limited to: rent, wages, and utilities)
  • Properties that depend solely on Weyburn Credit Union funding for their existence

Requests that fall outside of the parameters of the Weyburn Credit Union Community Fund should be made to the Vice President of Marketing.

Important Considerations

Payments will be made upon reimbursement of receipts as proof that funds are being used towards the intended purpose.  Preference will be given to applications that intend to have projects completed and funds reimbursed by December 31, 2019.

Recipients of WCU Community Fund Grants are expected to promote WCU’s support of their initiative. This promotion may include, but is not limited to:
  • Photo opportunities
  • Promotion/interaction on social media
  • Media releases
  • Signage
  • One-on-one communication
Recipients will be required to provide report of their initiative within 30 days upon completion. Organizations failing to provide this report will not be considered for future funding requests. This report should include:
  • An overview of the project or event outcome relative to initiative objectives, including who and how many people were helped as well as how WCU’s funds were used
  • Electronic photos of WCU’s recognition
  • Links/Copies to  coverage in traditional media, social media and websites

Application and selection process

  • We accept applications once per year.
  • Applications must be typed and submitted on the WCU Community Fund Application Form (see below). incomplete applications won't be considered.
  • Applications are assessed and approved through a formal evaluation process by our Community Fund Committee consisting of two WCU Board of Directors, two WCU Staff Members and two WCU Managers.
  • Applications are assessed primarily for their contribution towards strengthening organizations working in our focus areas.
  • With limited funding available, we give preference to active WCU members and smaller community organizations that don't have substantial operating budgets or many other sources of funding.
  • You can expect to receive notification within 6 weeks of the application deadline.
  • The grants we approve are reported to our members and to the community.

Apply Now!

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