Myths Debunked so you can Debank!

Myth #1: Wealth Management is Stuffy Expand/Collapse

NicoleWe beg to differ!

Meet Nicole Zastrow WC
Investment Specialist
She is far from stuffy!

We get that investing can be a daunting task; but it doesn’t have to be! That’s what we’re here for. If you think you are the only one with questions and concerns - that could easily be myth number 2! Everyone has questions, so don’t be afraid to ask. Nicole has a real passion and enthusiasm for helping members of all ages and all walks of life and would love to answer any questions you have!

Myth #2: You can’t get financial planning advice here Expand/Collapse

TonyYes, you can!

Meet Tony Gill BBA, WC, CFP®
Wealth Advisor - Credential Securities Inc.

Tony is one of three CFP Professionals you can access either through Weyburn Credit Union or through our partnership with Credential Securities Inc. The Certified Financial Planner designation is the gold standard in the nation for providing planning advice. So, for advice around retirement, estate or succession planning, and for everything in between, we have you covered. Retiring and wondering what to do with your pension? Come on down!

Myth #3: A credit union isn’t any different than a bank Expand/Collapse

Yes, we are!
We are different by design!

Meet Darla Brenholen, WC
Investment Specialist

It is true that as a full service financial institution, we are like banks in many ways - but we are very different too. In a world often too focused on profits, a credit union is a meaningful and relevant alternative - our profits are for your good, not our pockets. That’s why Darla always puts our members first. For advice and solutions with your best interests at heart, visit Darla!

Myth #4: Wealth Management isn’t for the Average Joe Expand/Collapse

Not True! We Can Help Everyone!

Meet Sara Lawrence WC, CFP®
Investment Specialist

We definitely have advice and solutions for the affluent and complex investor, but that isn’t all we do! Sara would tell you that step one in Wealth Management is to create wealth and she has a passion to help our members do just that! She would also tell you, the earlier you start, the easier it is - plus you have the power of compounding on your side!

Myth #5: There are more professional professionals at a bank Expand/Collapse

Not so!

Meet Sean Purdue, CFP®, FCSI, CIWM, CIM
Wealth Advisor - Credential Securities Inc.

Seriously, look at the alphabet soup after his name! Those are all industry recognized designations and certifications - and we couldn’t be prouder of Sean and our entire Wealth Management team!

We can’t guarantee what the stock market is going to do, but we can guarantee that we are highly trained to provide you with solid advice. Amongst the 6 investment specialists we have on staff, they have 19 educational designations in the investment area!

Mutual funds, financial planning and other securities are offered through Credential Securities Inc. Credential Securities Inc. is a Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Credential Financial Strategies Inc. offers financial planning, life insurance and investments to members of credit unions and their communities. ®Credential and Credential Securities are registered marks owned by Credential Financial Inc. and are used under licence.

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