How to Avoid Financial Stress

Let’s face it - life has plenty of lemons to dole out. So why not be ready for them and avoid the financial stress?

One reason is financial planner anxiety!

People often reveal all kinds of personal details to professionals like doctors, lawyers or dentists. But when it comes to sharing finances, many people are reluctant. Some are embarrassed about having their spending habits, lack of savings or financial disarray exposed. Many are afraid of being sold something they don’t understand (or need!) - while others believe they don’t have enough money to warrant a planner.
But we’re here to tell you - financial planning is for everyone! Financial planning will make a huge difference in your emotional and financial well-being. So how do you get over the anxiety and on the road to a more secure financial future? From procrastinating to achieving goals - like taking the trip you’ve always dreamed of, paying for a child’s education or retiring with a comfortable lifestyle?

1. Forget judgment. Our financial planners have seen it all - they don’t judge money woes, spending habits or lack of savings. Our planners will help you take control of your finances, starting with where you are right now.

2. Find someone you trust. Just because someone has the qualifications, doesn’t mean you’ll be in sync. Consider the values and personality of your planner. Find a financial partner who listens, appreciates what you want to achieve, and clearly explains how they’ll help get you there. Meet our local experts.

3. Focus on the big picture. It’s common to feel self-conscious about sharing personal information with a new professional. Even though you may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, working with a CFP professional is the best way to reach your financial and life goals. Isn’t that worth taking the plunge?

You don’t want to be at the mercy of life’s twists and turns. Be ready. Be empowered. We’d love to help, book an appointment with our local experts. 
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