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We're not your average bank - we're your business partner.

Why not partner with a financial institution that understands the unique challenges and opportunities of owning a business in your community?   We offer advice and solutions made in Weyburn, for Weyburn.  We do a great job because we have great people, not only some of the most professional and well-trained in the industry, but they are your friends and neighbors so they care about you, your dreams, and your community. 

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We're not your average bank. Expand/Collapse

We're local. Being local is important. When decisions are made – they aren’t made in a skyscraper in Toronto – they are made locally where we have the best interests of our members and our community at heart.

No musical chairs. We're big believers in continuity. We'll try to keep the people we put in front of you in front of you longer. The trust you build today will remain intact tomorrow.

Good judgment vs. formulas. Facts are formulas used to calculate potential and assess risk. But formulas are only one measure. So is your character, your business plan, as is your track record.

Access to humans. Call centres are wonderful things. So is voicemail. But never at the expense of picking up the phone to connect with a warm, thinking human on the other end of the line. Like at a credit union.

Getting to yes. "No" should never be the only answer or the last word. Every business owner deserves an opportunity to make good things happen. We'll help you figure it out.

Riding the cycles with you. Everyone has good days and bad days. Every business goes through the natural ups and downs. What gets you through is the trust we build together. This isn't lip service. It's business banking between equal partners.