We're Upgrading our Phone System

We're different, but we're still the same where it matters.

Members love our local Contact Centre where calls are always answered by a real, live person, like Jenna. We’re not changing that winning recipe, but we are upgrading our phone system so you may notice some slight differences. You will hear a short recording before your call is answered by one of our representatives; and some calls may be recorded for training purposes. Don’t worry. After the recording, a live person will answer your call automatically. We hope that is the only difference you notice, but with every new system there is the potential for hiccups. If our service isn’t quite as speedy, if you are directed to our answering service, or if your call is inadvertently dropped - we’re sorry! We ask for your understanding as we learn and adapt to the new system. We’ll be right as rain in no time.


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