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Our Brand Story

Our new look is about celebrating who we are. Expand/Collapse

It’s about redefining who we are.

As a credit union, we do everything a bank does, only different. Better. If banks were ice cream cones, we’d have sprinkles. It’s about the sprinkles!

It’s about the vibe when you walk in our branch.

It’s about our energy, passion, and enthusiasm. It’s a spark - quite literally a spark (which we have affectionately nicknamed our logo mark).

It’s about our people.

Not only are they some of the most professional and well-trained in the industry, but they are your friends and neighbors so they care about you, your dreams, and your community.

It’s about being local.

Did you notice our spark was created from the letter “W”? It stands for Weyburn. Being local is important. When decisions are made –they aren’t made in a skyscraper in Toronto – they are made locally where we have the best interests of our members and our community at heart.

It’s about being different by design

The colours we chose celebrate being different. Because our members are also our owners, our members always come first. So walk in like you own the place because you actually do. Our Credit Union is owned by the people who bank with us.

It’s about putting people before profits.

Our profits have a higher purpose. We believe in working together to build a stronger community. We put our money where our mouth is; we invest time, energy and money in initiatives that have real impact in our community. We choose Main Street, not Wall Street.

Our new brand is:

  • innovative, bold and modern,
  • friendly, and approachable,
  • professional but youthful.

But most of all, our new brand is different, just like us!

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