You are Invited to our AGM!

Please join us:

Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Weyburn Credit Union Community Room
Registration: 7:00 pm; Call to Order: 7:30 pm

Why should you attend?

Credit unions are unique in how they conduct business and serve their members. Why? Because we are guided by the Co-operative Principles; seven internationally accepted Co-operative Principles that help shape credit union business decisions and governance. One such principle is democratic member control. Simply put, we are member owned. As a member you have a voice - you have a say in how our Credit Union is run. An AGM is the best way to stay informed as a member, share your voice and be a part of something bigger - be a part of the credit union movement.

The Purpose of the Meeting

The purpose of the meeting is to keep our members informed about the operations of their credit union:

  • To receive and consider reports and financial statements for the reporting period ended December 31, 2018.
  • To appoint the Auditors for 2018.
  • Announce results of the Board of Directors election, and
  • To conduct any other business that may properly come before the meeting.
For further information, please contact us by phone at 306 842 6641 or send us an email.

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