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Credit Unions are unique in how they conduct business and serve their members. Why? Because we are guided by the Co-operative Principles; seven internationally accepted Co-operative Principles that help shape Credit Union business decisions and governance. One such principle is Democratic Member Control. Simply put, our Board of Directors is elected by our members. Once elected, the Board represents the interests of all members; The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Credit Union is managed and operated in a sound and prudent manner. They provide vision, leadership, and direction for the success of our Credit Union, today and into the future.

The Board of Directors consists of nine members who hold office for three years on a rotating basis. Every year, Directors are elected to replace those retiring. If the number of qualified persons nominated is equal to the number of vacancies to be filled, those persons shall be declared elected by acclamation. In the event there are more nominations than vacancies, an election will take place at all branch locations the week prior to the Annual Meeting.

To ensure fairness, the Nominating Committee oversees the nominating and election process and counts all ballots cast in the election in accordance with the Credit Union Act and rules found within. This process and tabulation of ballots is carried out in a manner to ensure confidentiality. Election results are announced at the Annual General Meeting.

Lynn Colquhoun

Lynn Colquhoun, Board Chair

Lynn and her husband Kevin have called Weyburn home for 25 years.  While Lynn has had various positions in the education systems, Kevin has worked at Barber Motors.  Together, they have raised two sons, Colton, a mechanic, and Carson, training as a plumber.

Lynn enjoys life in this community where she can experience the benefits of urban amenities and at the same time, the intimacy of a small rural setting.  By volunteering on various boards, committees, and clubs, Lynn has gotten to know many wonderful people who make the activities all that much more enjoyable.  Whether outdoor activities, church functions, or events around town, each activity is thoroughly enjoyed.  Lynn is pleased to call Weyburn home and to share in the building of this great community. 

This is Lynn’s sixth year on the WCU Board of Directors. During that time, she has earned her Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director designation.  Lynn also holds the honor of being named Weyburn Credit Union's first female Board Chair.

"Weyburn Credit Union, centred in the city of Weyburn and branching out to the towns of Yellow Grass and Lang, provides exceptional service for the financial needs of the membership within all three communities and surrounding areas. With the evolving online presence Weyburn Credit Union has, we now have members engaging in business with us like never before. The staff is dedicated to 'sparking' successful financial relationships."

- Lynn Colquhoun, Board Chair


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Your 2018 Board of Directors 

Back Row: Larry Heggs, Matt Caudill, Duane Walkeden, Norman Wall, Jeff Richards, Gary Beck.

Front Row: Lynn Colquhoun, Britany Burnett, Kelly Linnell.

Updated July 2018.