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Harvest Pie in the Face Fundraiser!

Who do you think should get CREAMED?

The Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop needs to raise $80,000 to purchase a new accessible bus and these brave and generous souls are helping them reach their goal!

On June 21, at 7 pm, one local celebrity is getting pie-eyed, and you can help determine who! Vote for who you would like to see get a Harvest pie in the face by making a donation towards the Wor-Kin Shop - $1 per vote. The one who raises the most funds is getting pie-eyed! Come in to Weyburn Branch to vote for who you want to get a pie in the face!

Larry Heggs

Larry “Sweetie Pie” HEGGS

President, Weyburn Chamber of Commerce

You don’t want to throw a pie at a sweetie-PIE like me!  Seriously, aren’t I SWEET enough?  Vote for Richards – he’s pretty CRUSTY.  Or in Twyla’s - she’s HALF-BAKED! Give Chessal his just DESSERTs.
Jeff “You want a piece  of me?” CHESSALL

Jeff “You want a piece of me?” CHESSALL

Councillor, City of Weyburn

Does it look like I need a pie in the face? Isn’t it bad enough I just shaved my head for Young Fellows and look funny. Look at my fuzzy hair. What would a pie do to my Gucci sunglasses?
Marcel “I only have  pies for you” Roy

Marcel “I only have pies for you” Roy

Mayor, City of Weyburn
I’d never DESSERT you, so why would you PIE me? MAYOR conscious not let you vote for me! I would be so hapPIE if you voted for Larry!  Don’t hurt my FILLINGS!
Andrea “Have pie,  will throw” BELL

Andrea “Have pie, will throw” BELL

Member Relations Manager, Prairie Sky Co-op

Enjoys long walks to Starbucks, meaningful conversations arguing about the ending of The Sopranos, and curling up next to a roaring campfire while complaining about the mosquitoes.
Twila “Sweet as 3.14” WALKEDEN

Twila “Sweet as 3.14” WALKEDEN

Executive Director, Weyburn Chamber of Commerce
Today I am respectfully asking you NOT TO VOTE for me.  I have a deep fear of pi.  All kinds of pi.  The worst thing about getting hit in the face with Pi is that it never ends.
Jeff “Crusty but not Flaky” RICHARDS

Jeff “Crusty but not Flaky” RICHARDS

Board of Directors, Weyburn Credit Union

I can’t imagine someone wanting to “pie” me. I am on Weyburn City Council and I suppose there might be some reasons there, but let’s be honest, you could vote for the other Jeff on those things.
Ron “Pie in the Face” FELLNER

Ron “Pie in the Face” FELLNER

Councillor, RM of Weyburn

The RM and I believe in supporting great causes like the Wor-Kin Shop. I’m asking for your support by voting for me – 2 reasons. It will give the RM bragging rights and for me: how can you resist a Harvest Pie?