About Us

We are a financial services provider run on principles.

We are a financial services provider, just like banks in many ways and we are open to everyone. Like banks, we are full service. From loans to investments, everyday banking to financial planning and everything in between, we have you covered. Plus, we have the same convenient access: branches, contact centre, mobile, online and an extensive national network of ding-free ATMs.

But we are different! Different by design.

Credit unions are run on principles using our profits for your good – not our pockets! Our profits go back to customers:

    1. By keeping fees low and rates competitive
    2. Through profit-sharing,
    3. By investing back in to our community to do good.

    We believe a financial institution should be worthy of your business. That’s why we treat you like a human. That’s why we never take advantage of you. That’s why our advice always has your best interests at heart. Our sole purpose is to help our members, our local economy and our community to achieve financial wellbeing; now that IS different!

    We are Strong
    With $735M in managed assets, we are strong and secure.
    With an ATM network bigger than most banks, our members have access to 1000+ ding-free ATMs.
    Of our profits are used for your good - not our pockets. Our profits are returned to you through profit-sharing, great rates and better service, and by investing into the community where you live and work to do good.
    We are 100% owned and led by our members - so always 100% in your best interests. So walk in like you own the place because you actually do. Our Credit Union is owned by the people who bank with us.
    The number of Canadians credit unions serve. We alone serve over 8,800 in our local communities and when we serve them, we are committed to providing an exceptional member experience by offering solutions and advice centered around you.

    The number of years we’ve served the great people of Weyburn and surrounding communities.

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    It was on December 14, 1944, that the Weyburn Savings and Credit Union Limited was granted its charter under provincial legislation. It was then that a group of people in Weyburn and district felt that a credit union was required to allow the opportunity for those who wished to pool their money to assist themselves and others in the community, thereby allowing local funds to work at 'home'.  In actuality - we were peer-to-peer lending before P2P Lending was cool!

    In the very beginning, the Credit Union offered only part–time service which was operated out of a shoe box in the Co–op Oil Department. The Credit Union relocated several times until finding our permanent location on Coteau Avenue. The original pre–cast facility with its decorative member service area, atrium, and waterfall was renovated and freshened up in 2000 when the new two story building was constructed allowing for further business expansion.

    Over the years, Weyburn Credit Union has amalgamated with credit unions in Colgate, Creelman and Lang. In 2004 when Yellow Grass lost their only financial institution, residents of the community worked with Weyburn Credit Union to establish a branch in their town. 

    Weyburn Credit Union began many trends, one of them being the patronage rebate and bonus program which remains popular today. 


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